Codes and Data for Learning

Link to 世新大學數量中心

R-Console (語法模式):資料載入、分析
  1. data_csv.R (Code for loading data of .csv format, and EDA Case 1)
  2. data_xls.R (Code for loading data of .xls format)
  3. data_txt.R (Code for loading data of .txt format)
  4. data_internet.R (Code for loading data from internet)
  5. Questionnaire_1.R (Code for EDA Case 2)
  6. example1.R; example2.R
Linear  Regression 
  1. lm().R;  (linear model, QQ plot) 
  2. lm()_interaction.R (hierarchical regression)
  3. timeSeries01_DataCreation.R
  4. timeSeries02_dynlm.R (dynamic linear model)
  5. timeSeries03_LinearFilters.R;  (Linear filters)
  6. timeSeries04_ARMA.R (ARMA)
Packages Introduced
  1. library(languageR) languageR.R
  2. library(Zelig) Zelig.R
  3. library(MicEcon) MicEcon.R
  4. library(YieldCurve) YieldCurve.R
High level data plotting
  1. InequalityPlotting.R
  2. CorrLevelPlotting_highLevel.R (Please also download this source code)
  3. Lattice_example.R

if, loop, and writing functions

  1. ifelse.R
  2. loop.R; loop1.R; loop2.R
  3. WritingFunctions.R


bank_wage.csv (bank_wage.RData); 
capm.csv; capm.xls; capm.txt; coalition.csv
index_bond.csv; index_stock.csvineq50.csv; IS_CA.xls
growth.csv; growth.asc;
mhp_ex1.csv; mid.csv; PErisk.csv
returns_na.csv; returns47.csv; return_daily.csv
returnsDaily_10.csv; risk_4v_scan.txt; risk_4v_rt.txt;
tradecredit.csv; taiwan_macro.csv; taiwan3v.csv; taiwan3v.RData